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IT Organizations everywhere are transforming themselves into true service providers.  In today’s business environment, the products and services provided by an Organization’s IT department are viewed no differently than the phone service provided by the phone company or the electrical power provided by the electric company.  Employees, at all levels, expect IT products and services to be available and functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For most individuals in an Organization, interactions with service providers (be it the in-house IT unit or an external vendor) are primarily limited to an issue with an existing product and/or service, or a request for a new product and/or service.  As such, management of these interactions becomes critical to the success and image of the service provider.  Many Organizations have taken the obvious step of implementing Peregrine ServiceCenter® to manage these issues and requests, however, most have not focused on the Complete Customer Service Experience.

HTML Mail For ServiceCenter helps to Complete the Customer Service Experience.



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HTML Mail For ServiceCenter helps IT organizations and other service providers to Complete the Customer Service Experience.  Service Providers project a more professional image, while emphasizing key messages.  ServiceCenter notifications  become more readable and understandable, while eliminating the limitations that exist with out-of-the-box plain text notifications.

Complete the Customer Service Experience

Increase efficiency while cutting costs

· Project a Professional Image of the IT Department

· Reduce costs of call center staff by emphasizing alternative means of support, such as the web

· Make notifications more readable and understandable

· Emphasize important messages using visual cues

· Eliminate broken-links that may exist in plain text notifications

· Include images such as the company or organization logo

· Improve communications between the Customer and the IT Department

· Easy to Install and Configure

· Knowledge of HTML Not Required

· Entirely ServiceCenter Macro-Based

· Works for All ServiceCenter Modules

· Uses Images Stored on Web Server, Not as Attachments

· Works in ServiceCenter versions 3, 4, 5, and 6

· No need for SCAuto SDK